Mines / Support

Following are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, requests, or would like to file a bug, please email support.


How do I play?

The objective of minesweeper is to reveal all of the safe tiles, without once revealing a mine.

How do I reveal a tile?

Tap twice to reveal a tile.

What do the numbers mean?

The number on a tile indicates the number of mines adjacent to it. For example, a tile surrounded by mines, would display the number 8 and a tile with only one dangerous tile next to it would display 1. If a tile has no mines near it Mines automatically reveals all the neighboring tiles.

What are Flags?

Flags are used to mark tiles that have a mine. Flags are not essential to the game, but rather exist to aid the player – it is useful to have known mines marked when deducing the position of other mines. Flags also prevent accidentally revealing a mined tile. To place a flag tap once, to remove a flag tap twice.

Why are texts in English and not in my language?

Mines has been localized in English and German. If you would like it translated into another language, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.